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Water tank level system with mobile apps
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1st May 2018
Thanks to a customer request, we are pleased to annouce the release of a new pump feature. Now you can set a source start level for a pump. This allowes a tank or pond to automatically start a pump when the level gets too high and then stop automatically when a lower level is reached, or a time has expired.
16th April 2018
Water Vision is proud to announce the release of a 12 volt Pump/Irrigation controller. Adding to the existing mains powered and switched Pump controller, Water Vision now offers a 12 volt variant with a dry contact. This unit can switch any voltage up to 240 volts.
2nd November 2017
Water Vision is proud to announce the release of their wireless water tank level system with cloud mobile access. This system is the most advanced system available using a touch colour display with built in Wi-Fi to allow direct connection to the internet. Using the mobile apps (for both Android and Apple iPhone/iPad), customers can view thier tank information (level, trend and days remaining), and control pumps, irrigation systems and devices from anywhere in the world. The system supports up to 12 wireless solar powered tanks and up to 8 wireless pumps, irrigation systems or devices.
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