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About us


The two directors of Water Vision are also the joint directors of Invision Enterprises Limited. Invision has been developing electronic solutions in New Zealand for over 30 years and has a long list of satisfied customers. They also have a very good understanding of what is required to produce outdoor equipment that can withstand the elements, having a background of maintaining equipment that is used on ships at sea. This environment is the harshest there is and the Water Vision system has been designed to withstand these same elements.

Water Vision was incorporated in 2015 and Invision was incorporated in 1984. Invision is a New Zealand based Electronic Design and Manufacturing Company.  Invision has been in the business of developing electronic solutions for our Clients from their original concept, right through to manufacture and supply. We have many clients for whom we have developed solutions to their requirements. The Water Vision system is another one of our developments, that we are proud to say, has been designed and manufactured in New Zealand.

One of the Joint Managing Directors, David Dobbs, who is responsible for our software development department, has been in the Electronics Industry in New Zealand for 38 years.  His background as an Electronics Engineer started with TISCO (New Zealand’s major Electronics Service Organisation), from there he went on to become a TISCO Branch Manager and then, when Personal Computers started to become more widespread, the Manager of TISCO’s Computer Division. During this time he developed a passion for software programming and at that time he developed the first computerised Nurse Call System installed in New Zealand.  David then entered the Offshore Oilfield world with an assignment on the MAUI Gasfield where he was in charge of the Electronics and Control equipment of the Rock Dumping Spider.  For the past 25 years he has been responsible for all of the Software Developments of Invision, including embedded firmware, PC applications and mobile applications specific to our products.

The other Joint Managing Director, Mark Fletcher, who is responsible for our hardware development and procurement department, has been in the New Zealand Electronics industry for over 40 years.  His background as an Electronics Engineer started also with TISCO.  From there he went on to work for Fisher & Paykel and then on to Automation Engineering (New Zealand’s foremost Industrial Electronics Company) as a Field Engineer.  In 1979 the North Sea called and Mark then left for a position as an Operations Controller of SubSea’s Remotely Operated Vehicle program. He was responsible for the day to day operations of ROVs in the field (North Sea, Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean).  Shipped back to New Zealand to work on the MAUI Gasfield and the installation of the North Rankin Gasfield off Western Australia. He founded Invision while working offshore and 30 years ago gave up the offshore life to develop Invision into the company it is today.

The Company’s successes over the past 30 years have been many.  We list among our larger, satisfied clients:- 3 car manufacturers, a Television company, 3 telecommunications companies, an electronics supplier, a telecom equipment supplier and Auckland’s main ferry operator.  However we have never lost sight of our other clients, maybe not so high profile, as they provide the bulk of our ongoing business.  The bulk of our products, developed for these companies, tend to hide away behind the covers, but are an integral part of our clients’ products or operations.

The company has always prided itself on it’s ability to cover and negate all of the “What ifs” in it’s product design.  We have been accused on many occasions of “Thinking outside the Square” and “I’m glad you thought of that, we didn’t”.  This we believe is our strength when it comes to developing efficient and elegant solutions for our client’s products.

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