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Water Vision Frequently Asked Questions

My home has more than one tank. Do I need to have a tank module (level sensor) in each of the tanks?
If your tanks are linked (have a connecting pipe) then only one tank unit is required. The tank unit can be installed on any of the tanks, usually the one that gets the best sunlight.
Can I install the Water Vision system myself?
Yes, the Water Vision system is very easy to install. You do need to get to the top of your tank, so please make sure you do not have a problem being on the top of a ladder, otherwise we recommend you get someone to help with this.
Does Water Vision detect a leak from my tank?
Yes, Water Vision will sound an alert and visually show the red status button when an abnormal amount of water is being used. A significant loss of water can be detected in as little as 5 minutes.
How many tanks can I monitor on one system?
You can monitor up to 16 tanks with one system. You can then either view all of the tank levels on the one screen or use the tank view mode and swipe left and right to see additional tanks or just select it from a list of tank names.
What if my tank has no direct sunlight?
Water Vision's Active wireless tank unit can work without sunlight. It's externally 12 volt powered and can be powered from a plug pack or from our repeater solar power unit, which can be placed well away from the tank.
How many pumps or irrigation systems can I control on one system?
You can control up to 12 pumps or irrigation systems with one system. Each of these can be controlled manually or automatically based on time of day or tank levels. You can also control them with your mobile app.
Does your repeater work with tank modules and pump controllers?
Yes, with our repeater you can extend the range of all of the tank modules and pump controllers on your system. You can also use as many repeaters as you require on your system. Also, pump controllers are repeaters and will extend the range of any tank module or other pump controllers that are near to the pump controller acting as a repeater. This happens completely automatically to ensure perfect communication to all of your tank modules and pump controllers.
Can a tank unit be used to monitor the depth of a pond or dam?
Yes, a tank module can be mounted on a post next to or in the pond/dam, as no power is required at the tank module. The depth sensor is then lowered into the pond or dam. The pond or dam can then be monitored from the touch colour display or the mobile apps. Pumps and irrigation systems can also use this depth to ensure the pond is not getting too low.
Is a mobile network required to use the Water Vision system?
No, the Water Vision system uses it's own proprietary RF network that does not require a cell phone network or any other network to be available. This allows the system to be used in remote locations.
Can a tank module be used for flood detection?
Yes, a tank unit can be mounted on a post in or next to the floodable area to detect the water level and generate an alert, if required. This can save you from having to venture out in rough conditions to check the water level.
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